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Eve’s DVD & BOOK Set Released 2016. Produced by Robin Bextor for Demand Media. Purchase a signed copy if requested, directly from Eve for only £9.99(p&p £2.00) rrp £12.99. Also available on Amazon.




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Eve has been psychic since childhood and worked professionally as a Clairvoyant for over 30 years. She is internationally known for the high level of accuracy in her readings. She has been tested by the College of Psychic Studies and was found to be 93% accurate. She has an impressive client base including celebrities and is respected for doing an authentic, genuine consultation with a lot of specific detail. She is a published author with her book and dvd “An Introduction to Tarot”, a simply explained and amusing look at getting comfortable with your cards and de-mystifying slightly the subject of Tarot making it more user friendly.

Her first appearance on TV was on BBC’s Fantasy Rooms a spin off series of Changing Rooms where Eve was featured alongside friend Laurence Llewellyn Bowen in her capacity as the Feng Shui expert. She was also featured in the book of the series and also did a series of talks with Laurence around the UK about Feng Shui and Interior Design respectively. She was featured at the same time in  gardener Charlie Dimmock’s magazine, again advising on Feng Shui aspects for gardens. The following year Eve appeared on Living Channel’s Mystic Challenge where psychic’s competed against each other whilst doing readings for celebrities. She won 5 out of the 6 shows she was on.

In Oct 2002, Spirit & Destiny Magazine who had previously featured her in an editorial, asked Eve to do predictions for the following year.She famously predicted the tragic Columbia Space Shuttle explosion of Jan 2003, 2 months before it happened in print! This led to many more media appearances including several on ITV’s “This Morning” with the then presenters Fern Britten and Philip Schofield. She was also asked to do a regular monthly column for Spirit & Destiny where she was featured reading for celebrities including Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Robbie Williams amongst others and was also featured in the Daily Mail. Good Housekeeping, Heat, Red and Now Magazines have all featured articles on Eve and her amazing gift. Soul & Spirit Magazine ran a double page editorial about her and her work.

She has had regular articles in Chat Its Fate and Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune and also wrote a monthly horoscope column for Sussex Life and Wellbeing Magazine and a psychic problem page for Golden Times and the Hastings Advertiser. Eve has had appearances on  Spain for Sol TV for their long running series Spirit & Sol and also in Denmark for the successful show The Power of the Spirits. Inside Out the documentary show for BBC 1 featured her in a show about the life of a psychic.

More recently Eve has recorded segments on the Chinese New Year and other spiritual/psychic subjects for Radio Sussex and a live 2 hour interview for the Las Vegas Radio Station KCor on her life and work in June 2017.


Eve has had shops in the Enterprise Centre and The Labyrinth in Eastbourne where she has seen clients and still does journalistic pieces for Spirit & Destiny.


Eve worked as a photographic model from age 18 and whilst living and working in New York also studied and trained in Feng Shui and Past Life Regression.Eve is also an accredited Tarot Tutor through Adult Education institutions. She has appeared on T.V. in Spain, Denmark.


“I immediately turned to you as in my esteem you can not be excelled in accuracy”


A little about Eve

Eve worked as a photographic model from age 18 and whilst living and working in New York also studied and trained in Feng Shui. Her first appearance on t.v. was for Laurence Llewellyn Bowen's spin off series from BBC's Changing Rooms, called Fantasy Rooms, where she featured as the Feng Shui expert.

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I am a Clairvoyant with over 30 years of professional experience and highly regarded for my work and abilities, but due to changes in the law, I am governed to state that all psychic readings should be considered to be for entertainment only and i cannot be held responsible for any decisions made by clients based on these readings.