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Windy day at Beachy Head in Beautiful Eastbourne.

Windy day at Beachy Head in Beautiful Eastbourne.

Peacock Logo - website20111121_0074HI EVERYONE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Usually the dates where everyone says it will be the end of the world etc or something to do with the Mayan calendar- just go over my head, but I must admit I had an amazing spiritual experience on the 21st Dec which was really powerful and Angelic. I was at a carol service in the beautiful All Saints Chapel in Darley Rd, Eastbourne, which certainly lent itself to the whole experience.

I have a double page article in Sussex Life, the March Issue coming out early Feb. The journalist was the lovely golfer and humorist Clive Agran who was utterly charming . It went very well until a mild panic on my part when he asked as he was leaving if I could get the score for the game with Brighton later that day! Hard to do that sort of stuff. Though I had many predictions come true for 2012 that I was asked to do for Virgin Media and Cultural Compass. The focus was on celebrities and I forecast sadly break-ups between Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, all predicted long before  anything in the media was picked up. I also predicted a helicopter crash which happened in Jan 2013 but devastatingly did have fatalities which I didn’t see. Predictions like that are actually incredibly hard to do though journalists will often want them. Even when someone asks a specific question in a reading like ” do you have a name….?” It tends to almost shut your powers down though its perfectly easy for me to give name and dates on my own. In fact I have had clients for years say that my dates predicted for future events ( such as meeting someone important) can be right to the actual day !

VISIONS is closing at the end of March. I’ve had a brilliant 3 years at the fab Enterprise Centre and I will of course continue to offer telephone consultations. It also gives me the opportunity to look for a venue 1 day a week in London as I have so many clients there.

That’s all for now. Love to my friend Julie and I miss you William so much every day.

Thanks to David at Simple as Milk ( website designer) for his continued support .


The takeover of a large chain of supermarkets. ( Safeway’s by Morrison’s).

The explosion of the space shuttle in 2003.

Prediction of the Gulf  War.

The genetically modified food crisis.

Fashion award for Victoria Beckham.

The phone-tapping investigations.

Icelandic volcano erupting.

Theft of a famous picture from an art gallery (The Scream)

amongst others……

Getting ready for Faery Ball, Glastonbury.

Do my wings look big in this? Getting ready for Faery Ball, Glastonbury.





Hi Everyone,

Happy Autumn Equinox

Hope everyone had a great summer. I moved into my new shop upstairs in the Enterprise Centre, Eastbourne which has a lovely energy and am very busy there. I tend to work around appointments, but I usually do something like 10am to 3pm and normally have weds as my day off. I do some sats, but can always accommodate someone out of these hours.

I have a brilliant psychic artist Cheryl Wilkinson doing a saturday on Oct 15th and Marc Lloyd our usual psychic artist will be doing a saturday soon. Marc is specialising in Vision Boards. This is a piece of art created by Marc specifically for you and your intentions for the future. When it is placed somewhere where you can see it daily you can manifest what is in the picture.

I was at an amazing festival this summer called Tribal Earth at Pestalozzi Village, outside Hastings. It was brilliant fun camping for 3 nights and doing all the various workshops which were all included in the price. I am also going to the Faery Festival and Ball at Glastonbury 29th and 30th Oct and really looking forward to celebrating my birthday there.

I seem to be doing a lot more telephone readings. Clients worry that these will not be the same as the one to one consultations if they have not experienced one before, but afterwards they and I find them just as accurate if not more. If you are psychic you can “tune into” a voice, a photo even handwriting. I often see a reading as a collaboration between my Spirit Guides and yours, so it doesn’t really require you to be sitting in front of me, sometimes it can even be less distracting. If you can’t get to Eastbourne a telephone reading is a great option. I am hoping though to do a friday ever week in London to be able to reach more of my clients. I will keep you informed.

I had a great review in September’s Spirit & Destiny in their MYSTIC IN THE SPOTLIGHT SECTION  by the journalist  Louise Ramsay.

Love Eve x

Hi Everyone

Summer is coming, and already we have had glorious weather.

Last night was an important Lunar Eclipse which is a time of transformation for everyone. It is the first stage for a lot of people of a situation which won’t fully develop until July with 2 more powerful eclipses.

Visions is moving on the 4th July (independence day!) to a new unit on the left at the top of the stairs of The Enterprise Centre. It is at present the “History Tours” shop which is re-locating. The Enterprise Centre has lots of plans for upstairs including fashion shows and I hope to organise a Psychic Fayre.

I have 3 magazine articles coming out between now and September. This is due to my correct prediction of the volcano again causing problems in May and was included in my predictions in Spirit & Destiny for 2011.

I am still writing my “Psychic Problem” page for “The Resident”which has taken over from the Hastings Ad News. If you have a problem that you would like answered in the paper, please send a hand-written letter to Visions with d.o.b. and photo if poss. There are 2 examples of problems that have already been published at the end of ths blog.

I am available for tarot consultations at Visions. Either pop in or telehone 01323 646101, 07807637784, or my home number 01323 643220. My day off is wednesday and I try and work some saturdays.

Thank you to Steve and my ex-husband for their generosity and support and my friends Ros and Julia for making me laugh.

Lots of love

Eve xx

Dear Psychic Eve

I have just broken up with my girlfriend after 6 years.  She has moved out of the flat we owned together and gone back to her mum’s. Things haven’t been right for a while and when she first said it, I was ok, now about a month later I feel devastated and realise what a mistake I have made in letting her go. I have tried to tell her but she won’t change her mind. Can you see us getting back together? I do feel I have changed, I see now I was moody and irritable and it would be different next time. I am a Virgo age 25 and Heather is a Pisces age 26.

Freddie, Hastings

Dear Freddie,

I can see from my Tarot that it has been a good relationship, though lately you have both taken each other for granted. You seem more guilty of this, than her. I feel that sometimes she almost feels that you see her like a best mate rather than your girlfriend. In situations like this it is easy to look back and remember the good times and maybe forget how difficult the relationship had become. But I do genuinely see that you have had some sort of “wake-up call” and realise some of the mistakes that you have made. Sometimes you almost have to lose someone to realise what they mean to you. I feel that you have had financial problems that have put a strain on the relationship and also that she likes to discuss things more than you do and that she then got to a point where it was easier to not even broach awkward subjects because I do agree with you, you had become moody and temperemental.

Now the hard works starts because you are going to have to try and convince her to give you both another chance. Don’t overwhelm or pester her but maybe put your thoughts and feelings down honestly in a letter. Stay in touch with her and tell her the changes you are going to make in the future to the way you will handle joint issues and problems. It won’t be easy, I think she has been very badly hurt as a sensitive Pisces and has also made her mind up. She didn’t come to this decision lightly and she also won’t go back on it lightly. But persevere, I feel there is a breakthrough in about 6-8 weeks.

Dear Psychic Eve,

I’m a student at Uni, completing my first year at Business Studies & Finance. The problem is the course has turned out completely different to how I thought it would and I really hate the subject. I feel a bit pushed into it by my dad, but it just isn’t what I want to do with my life. What should I do? I liked media studies at school and wished I’d done something like that.

Karen, Gemini, St Leonards.

Dear Karen

You poor thing! Still it takes courage to admit you have made a mistake. I feel clairvoyantly that you are perfectly capable of doing this course but the real issue is that it just isn’t you! You must find the courage to tell your parents rather than spend another 2 years being miserable and also getting a qualification for a career that I just can’t see you going in to. I feel your dad is in Finance and thought that this would be a secure role for you but I also see you more media-orientated. I see with The World Tarot card and also The Chariot, a move to a different university which is further away and you may have to live-in and also a Marketing course if you want it. Use the summer to do research and really think about what you want. Above all be true to yourself.



DSC00816Hi Everyone

Though I still have a home in Hastings, I have recently rented a flat in Eastbourne to be closer to the shop etc. I shall also be getting my land-line and broadband connected so can also offer telephone readings at home and on-line readings. I was recently featured in the January 2011 issue of SPIRIT and DESTINY giving my predictions for the year ahead. I have also been asked to do a Psychic Problem page for the Hastings Ad News which is due to start in Feb. Anyone who may be interested please send in a hand-written letter with an issue for me to look at and also a photo. Please keep problems short and specific and I hope to answer around 4, in the column. Please send letters to VISIONS, UNIT 2, THE ENTERPRISE CENTRE, EASTBOURNE, BN21 1BD. SHOP NO. 01323 646101. We may also at a later date be doing “Street Psychic”, where I shall be going out with Journalist Karen Pasquali Jones into local streets and doing readings for complete strangers!! Nerve-wracking but only for me hopefully.

My thanks to my partner James.

Everyone have a healthy happy and positive 2011.

Eve xx

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Hi Everyone

This is my blog for the Autumn. VISIONS has been opened for just over 4months now and I’m really enjoying every minute and especially love being in the Enterprise Centre in Eastbourne. I’m there wed, thurs, fri and most saturdays. When I’m not in on a saturday I have an amazing Psychic Artist Marc LLoyd who already has created quite a following. He will draw your Guide and also give a reading. His next saturday is 11th sept and will also be there various days between 17th and 28th while I’m on holiday. We also have a new addition to Visions, Lucinda Railton who is our regular reflexologist every Tuesday and starting Monday 4th Oct is reiki therapist Tracey Hobden who will be with us every monday. Everybody comments on the energy in the shop so I’m hoping this will create a calming and harmonious environment for treatments.

tel.Marc     07981048086

tel. Lucinda 07595266100

tel. Tracy   07743440718

I’m in October’s issue of Take a Break’s Fate and Fortune which I’m really pleased about. I was interviewed by the fab journalist Virginia Matthews who has worked for all the national newspapers. I’m also in the last 2 episodes of  the recent series of Spirit and Sol. Filmed in spain by sol productions. You can see me in episode 10 and 11, www.solproductions.tv

As we go into winter I’m thinking about doing a late-nite on a thurs and would be grateful for your comments. Visions is open 10-4pm and I appreciate if you are working, these hours are not always convenient. Also would appreciate comments about whether online reads are something that clients would like – email me at info@evepeacock-visions.co.uk if you have a view either way.

Please pop into to the shop and see the lovely expressive art featured by John Lonergan and take a look at our gifts and books. An appointment is not always necessary for a reading with me and prices start at £25 for a 30 minute Tarot consultation which will be a comprehensive view of the next 6-9 months. I also have a Healing Book outside for anyone to put the name of any person or animal who needs healing.(we have had lots of poorly pets names in there) Absent Healing is sent every Monday at 9pm but the process of writing your request and also reading everyone else’s, produces a healing energy.

Believe in Yourself and the rest is easy.

Eve x

A little about Eve

Eve worked as a photographic model from age 18 and whilst living and working in New York also studied and trained in Feng Shui. Her first appearance on t.v. was for Laurence Llewellyn Bowen's spin off series from BBC's Changing Rooms, called Fantasy Rooms, where she featured as the Feng Shui expert.

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