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Hi Everyone

We are now at the end of lockdown. Such a frustrating time for many and also a time of huge suffering and sadness for some who have lost loved ones to this virus.
I have been doing readings for clients around the world and we are all pretty much in the same boat. I think this crisis has brought out the best in most of us. More compassion, more empathy and understanding is the aim here.

On a personal/spiritual/metaphysical whatever you want to call it, the overview or bigger picture has been for a lot of people to clear their baggage and deal with past issues that are no longer useful or productive and draw a line with past pain. It’s a waking up for humanity and each individual. That’s the way to work with the energies around now. To get mired in the past with grievances and resentments will make this journey a lot longer and ultimately more painful. I have been confronted with my own demons that finally needed exorcising, linking with my childhood and family dynamics. None of it is easy, but conditions are actually perfect for this “inner work”, the most valuable work, and eventually you get clarity, healing and Peace.

Dig deep, do the work, deal with your past and then let it go so you can finally move forward into a brighter future. The first of the 3 eclipses , the wonderful strawberry moon on the 5th June is encouraging us to do just that.

Blessings and love ❤❤🌻🌷🌹



Hi Everyone

Its March 2020 and we are in the middle of a global epidemic. As with my Facebook post a couple of weeks ago where I was responding to many messages about Coronavirus, I and many psychics have seen something looming for quite a few months now. As far back as last September 2019 I’ve been saying to clients that I saw their wedding being postponed or a holiday delayed etc, making me very popular I can tell you!! As it was happening so often I imagined it was something to do with terrorism. Now as events have unfolded it has become clear. I think the virus has been around in UK for quite a few months, before December 2019 and I believe thousands already have it or have had it here as they tested on such a tiny percentage of our 68 million population. I can see us going into some sort of lockdown though not as severe as in Italy but I could imagine the army being deployed. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS.
In my humble opinion as a psychic, I see us home free in or just by August. I have put back a holiday to Crete from May to October a few weeks ago when everyone still thought I was mad. The amount of people who have said to me ” this is just like flu….” No it isnt unfortunately. I have had clients laugh in my face for weeks now when I’ve said we wont have seen anything like this in our lifetime.
I do hate the scaremongering that has now started and despise the conspiracy theories though be aware we can’t trivialise this. BUT the virus will come to an end, everything always does and most of the people who get it will have mild symptoms.

I made the decision a while ago to stop face to face readings for the health and safety of my clients and myself but am honouring the appointments I already have booked in. I will stop 22nd March, Mothering Sunday. From that point on I am doing phone reads which has £10 off for UK clients making an hour’s read £50 instead of £60.(excluding palm reads) This offer expires 22nd May. I am also offering for the first time on-line reads. 1 question is only £10 as an introductory offer. 3 questions £25. These can be done by text 07807637784, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram messaging Eve Peacock Psychic or by email evepeacockpsychic@gmail.com
I will need a photo and dob for all on-line reads. I can now call your mobile or landline for your phone reading (uk clients only) or you can call my landline 01323736847.

Be safe and stay healthy. My blessings to each and everyone of you.




FB_IMG_1568554810245Hi Everyone

I have an article in the Xmas issue (out Oct 31st 2019) in Take a Break, Fate & Fortune magazine published by Bauer Publishing, about my journey to becoming a psychic reader. The journalist is the wonderful Jacqui Deevoy. This follows on from the previous article in the Aug issue where I am talking about the opinion that Eastbourne is the most haunted town in the UK.

I’m looking for another shop/unit at present in Eastbourne, Hastings or even Brighton if anyone has any ideas. I love the contact with the public and also selling a few object’s d’art as in previous shops as well as of course the consultations. In my first shop in the Enterprise Centre, Eastbourne I also promoted local artists and craftsmen/women by displaying their work and thoroughly enjoyed that.

I have various projects in October and because of this am unable able to offer readings during the month of October ONLY. I shall be available for consultations again from Nov 1st.

Please tel/text 07807637784 or email evepeacockpsychic@gmail.com for an appointment.

This year has been such a transformative time for so many people. Personally and even politically AND on a global level. Who would have thought an anonymous teenage girl would make the world sit up and listen. The power of one voice.

A lot of  change, some uncomfortable and challenging. I broke my  ankle in May and it did make me stop to think ( after I moved beyond the initial pain, frustration and general annoyance!) of what the message was for me. What was I missing, overlooking, not paying attention to? A shock or accident always brings us up sharply but can be an opportunity to sometimes “stop and smell the roses ” Its also interesting to see how people react around you especially if everyone is used to you being the so-called strong one and taking care of them. Some step up and others distance themselves. Often the people we have the most history with are the ones who can’t handle seeing us in pain or helpless. We are all a product of our experiences and we react accordingly.  The world would be a boring place if we were all the same.

As we now move into Libra there should be a calmness and equilibrium much needed in our lives after all the disruption of the summer eclipses. The Mayan Calender ended its 13 year cycle July 2019 and its interesting to look back and see where you were 13 years ago. 2006. That’s the time I moved to this area, the South Coast from the Cotswolds.  For many people there maybe a repeat of whatever was happening in the Sunmer of 2006 or the culmination of what transpired then bringing it to some kind of conclusion. We then look at how we’ve evolved through that process.

My friend the amazing Medium Glyn Davies is reading at the Cherish Psychic Fayre this Sat 28th Sept at the Seven Sisters Alfriston Rd in Seaford, East Sussex. It is so worth having a reading with him as he brings through much evidence of survival.

I hope everyone enjoys a happy, healthy last quarter of this year. ❤❤❤

If you are considering a reading with me if you look at my new Google page Eve Peacock Psychic and read the reviews and also the testimonials here, it may be helpful.

With love


Hope everyone is having  a great summer and enjoying the weather. Over this Bank Holiday Week-end from Friday August 26th to Monday 29th inc there is £5 off ALL Readings in the shop in the Labyrinth and Telephone/Skype Readings. Please tel or text 07807637784 or 01323 736847 or email evepeacockpsychic@gmail.com to make an appointment.

With Love

Eve x

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Shop in the Labyrinth, Mark lane

Shop in the Labyrinth, Mark lane

20111121_0028SUMMER 2015

Hi Everyone, haven’t done a blog for a while so apologies. Wonderful summer so far. I have just completed a DVD and Book on Introduction to Tarot produced by the Director Robin Bextor who is the father of Sophie Ellis Bextor. It is available 16th Oct 2015 and you can purchase from 100’s of outlets on-line inc Amazon. The company distributing them is Demand Media. The cost will prob be around the £9.99 mark. I will also have about 50 if anyone wants to purchase from me direct.

The shop in the Labyrinth is now into its 2nd year and very busy. I’m not there every day as I tend to work around appointments so please call if you would like to book a Psychic Consultation on 01323 658509 or call /text 07807637784  or email evepeacockpsychic@gmail.com  As most people prefer to text/email these days please put as much info into your message as poss. Is it a phone reading or face to face? What is your availability, days/times? etc  If you have questions regarding price or anything please check this website first as I have tried to answer every conceivable question there – otherwise the process becomes a very long drawn out one and I may have to do this several times a day. Unfortunately it just isn’t possible for me to sit messaging all day. 

Many thanks for your co-operation. 

Looking forward to Lammas Festival on the 25th & 26th July on the Lawns in Eastbourne. I’m always being asked to do readings at Lammas but would rather enjoy the atmosphere and also feel the same for the wonderful Tribal Earth Festival at Laughton Lodge nr Lewes which this year starts the 20th (through to the 23rd) August. I love this festival, its an absolutely brilliant energy and once you’ve got used to the compost toilets(!) its great. I love camping there for the whole 4 days, great live bands too. Its the last place I saw a lovely friend of mine Jason who passed very suddenly this year at only 46. Lots of Souls chose to pass this year up to the Solstice it seemed. Of course its wonderful in the Spirit World but sad for the people who have been left behind.

I saw this in a magazine a while ago and it really resonated with me. I would like to give credit to the journalist but there was no name so thank you anyway for the words of wisdom – TO LIVE A LIFE WITHOUT REGRET, IT IS ESSENTIAL TO MOVE ON FROM THE PAST AND CREATE A GOOD FUTURE. THERE IS NO POINT IN REGRETTING A MISTAKE AS YOU CAN ALWAYS LEARN SOMETHING FROM IT.




Enjoy the Summer, with love Eve x

Happy New Year to EveryoneWinter

 When I look at this year using Astrology it feels a year of less upheaval and not as unpredictable as 2013 was for all the signs. Scorpio with Saturn planet of lessons and discipline, in their sign for a final year is having an easier time of it too ( as I’m  Scorpio, quite a relief) I am still doing the Horoscopes for Sussex Life and also my Psychic Problem page Ask Eve for Golden Times magazine aimed at the over 50’s. I also have a feature in January’s edition of Spirit and Destiny, giving my predictions for 2014 in terms of current and global events with a bit of celebrity interest in there too. Other predictions are from my friend the famous Michelle Knight and US t.v. Psychic Lisa Williams who I know from when we both lived in the Midlands. Listen to me on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire talking about the Chinese Year of the Horse on Jan 31st at 8am.

  I’m inundated with requsts for telephone readings at present so please be patient if I don’t return your call immediately. I promise to get back to you as soon as I can. I am now on FaceBook (finally!) under Eve Peacock. The special  offer of 10% off readings for January is extended to end of March making a 40 min phone read £35.95 and a 20 min phone read £22.50. January is a great time to see what lies ahead. I always feel a good reading should give you the tools to handle your own life and give more clarity and help with making decisions.  

With love and light Eve xxx

Hello Everyone

Just enjoyed a wonderful day at the St Leonard’s Festival (near Hastings) with wonderful weather, great food and music. Then went on to see my friend Simone, an amazing Medium give a Clairvoyant demonstration at the Jenny Lind pub in the OldTown, Hastings. I was lucky enough to have a message from a lovely friend Justin who was a male model and was the best friend of my partner at that time. I was only about 23 and Justin tragically died much too young. It was so wonderful to get such great evidence through Simone with really specific accurate information. Its interesting that Justin thanked me for helping him and I certainly don’t feel I did much when he was alive to help him, being young & selfish! ( He called us “bright young things” at that time) So its what I always say to clients, we do help Spirit evolve in the Spirit World by them helping and working with us and its so nice to have that confirmation. I have a lot of clients who in the past have thought they were bothering their Guides when asking for help.

I have given a quote for a beautiful photo on page 45 of the August issue of Spirit & Destiny, still the best magazine of its kind. I was asked by the lovely feature Editor Emma Hibbs whom I must have known about 10 years now! Time flies. Also my first horoscope column for Sussex Life is out in the August issue. The july/aug issue of Golden Times magazine is out including my problem page “Ask Eve” which is proving quite popular.

Eve xx

A little about Eve

Eve worked as a photographic model from age 18 and whilst living and working in New York also studied and trained in Feng Shui. Her first appearance on t.v. was for Laurence Llewellyn Bowen's spin off series from BBC's Changing Rooms, called Fantasy Rooms, where she featured as the Feng Shui expert.

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