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Eve offers an in-depth 1 hour, 45 or 30 minute consultation or a shorter reading by PHONE ONLY for 20 mins which suits questions or focus on one particular issue. All readings consist of Tarot and Clairvoyance/Mediumship and the telephone
readings are just as accurate as if you are sitting in front of her.

Eve taught herself how to read Tarot at age 18 and its her favourite form of divination. She has also taught Tarot for private groups and in Adult Education where they had the biggest class of students ever seen for any subject! Using Tarot cards in your personal consultation are a wonderful and incredibly accurate tool which can outline the next 6-9 months minimum with a lot of detail and can even be used to answer specific questions. She studied Astrology at age 27 and will take your d.o.b. at the beginning of the reading. This helps her take into account the astrological influences that effect you in relation to your Sun sign.

A PALM READING can also be added onto your Consultation. Palmistry gives an overview of your whole life but in a slightly less detailed way than Tarot. It can show significant events though and salient features such as marriage, children and also your career path. Traditional Indian Palmistry is the first esoteric art that Eve was taught by an Indian Holy man and Guru when she was 18, who recognised her gift and became a mentor.

Throughout the consultation Eve will be using Mediumship and Clairvoyance. This is just a way of focusing the energies to link with Spirit and receive messages from lost loved ones and Spirit Guides. Often the information given is very insightful and meaningful. She is constantly being given Clairvoyantly (from her Guides and yours) throughout your consultation images, symbols and pictures about your life to guide you to make the best decisions for yourself. She also works Clairaudiently which is receiving messages or hearing voices psychically and Clairsentiencely which literally translated is “Clear Sensing”.

Eve combines humour and compassion in her readings and is a natural Healer. Clients often speak of feeling uplifted , more positive and confident of their future after a consultation.


This reading combines the full consultation of Tarot and Clairvoyance but also incorporates your Soul Purpose this lifetime. What have you come to achieve that will help your soul evolve and develop? Eve links in with Higher Guides for this special reading which also explores any blocks or obstacles that are holding you back from your true soul purpose and living your best life. Negative patterns can be pinpointed that may have started in childhood and also the influence of past lives and how they impact on this present life. Sometimes it is enough to bring these issues into the light for healing to start but there may also be guidance on other therapies that the client can research such as NLP, Matrix Re-Imprinting etc to fully heal.
This is an intense reading and will last 1 hour and 30 mins approx and can also be done over the phone.


Other services available, the Chinese art of FENG SHUI. If you feel things are not moving forward in your life, it can sometimes be your environment. Eve can arrange to come and look at your home and see what areas may need adjusting so that the energy or chi can flow more productively. Feng Shui actually means Wind and Water which is translated in to Health and Wealth. A consultation will also include a “space clearing” initially, achieved by incense and sage sticks and also advice on de-cluttering. A Feng Shui needs a blank canvas to work effectively so stagnant/negative energy and a lot of clutter in your home has to be cleared. Relationships, health, work etc all improve once the energy is re-aligned using traditional methods and also by Eve intuitively “Reading” your home as she does a client.

She has appeared with Laurence Llewellyn Bowen on “Changing Rooms” in her capacity as a Feng Shui Consultant.


Eve studied past life regression in New York and with the help of a guided visualisation Eve will take you into past lives that are relevant to issues you are experiencing in this lifetime. Problems and blocks can be cleared and healed and relationships can be improved by looking at previous patterns that are repeating themselves in a non-productive way. This is not being hypnotised or hypnotherapy for issues in this life, the session focuses purely on past lives and the areas that need to be explored and resolved making this life clearer and more positive. Often our reactions or fears are associated with a past life experience and no longer relevant to our lives now but a residue can linger. Eve has seen approximately 30 of her own past lives through regression and each life once its cleared brings more clarity and freedom. Not all past lives of course are traumatic and many are joyous but the lives that need clearing are the ones that bring in negativity in some form or behavioural patterns that need healing.


Eve started this as an exercise when the situation appeared so many times in readings where a client wanted to move on from a connection that was no longer s positive force in their lives. This process is called cutting the solar plexus cord and is known within the metaphysical field. This guided visualisation enables you to “let go” of an ex or even an unrequited love. It has proved very successful with many clients who have been stuck in a repetitive cycle with thoughts and feelings suddenly feeling free.

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“Many, many thanks for your very special reading, it has helped enormously! You must know how privileged you are to have such amazing power within. You are truly Blessed.”


I am a Clairvoyant with over 30 years of professional experience and highly regarded for my work and abilities, but due to changes in the law, I am governed to state that all psychic readings should be considered to be for entertainment only and i cannot be held responsible for any decisions made by clients based on these readings.

A little about Eve

Eve worked as a photographic model from age 18 and whilst living and working in New York also studied and trained in Feng Shui. Her first appearance on t.v. was for Laurence Llewellyn Bowen's spin off series from BBC's Changing Rooms, called Fantasy Rooms, where she featured as the Feng Shui expert.

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I am a Clairvoyant with over 30 years of professional experience and highly regarded for my work and abilities, but due to changes in the law, I am governed to state that all psychic readings should be considered to be for entertainment only and i cannot be held responsible for any decisions made by clients based on these readings.