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I offer an in-depth Reading and don’t do what I call “…….you’re travelling over water……” type of Reading. My Readings have often been referred to as Soul Readings as I will often discover the “core issue” that is holding you back in your life. The reason why maybe you are not proceeding forward in the way that you want, what blocks and obstacles are stopping you find the joy and passion for life. I firmly believe OUR lives aren’t meant to be some sort of survival course and we just have to grit our teeth and get on with it! All the answers are inside of us, our outer world is just reflected by our inner thoughts. We create our reality. There is NOT an outside conspiracy stopping you being happy but usually learned behaviour patterns often from childhood that holds us back . A Reading is also not just this moment in time, events unfold in our lives differently sometimes to how we expect. Be open and receptive to what you hear. A consultation is usually a collaboration between your Guides and Mine and in my experience, Souls don’t usually go to all the trouble to come through from another dimension, to tell you something irrelevant, though of course all messages aren’t life-changing. There is no such thing as time in the Spirit World so something that happened to you 30 years ago may well come up the same as a situation last week. Take a minute to think when you are given a message. When clients reject something too quickly it can sometimes be a missed opportunity to discover something, even about yourself. I will usually forget a Reading as soon as it is finished. Many clients ring afterwards saying that they have thought about something I’ve said and realised what I meant and now want to discuss it further but its impossible for me to go back in my mind. The best way is to try and be PRESENT during the Reading and also record on your mobile.

If I have made it sound daunting I apologise, invariably a Reading with me is a positive, life-enchancing experience. At the Very least you will get more clarity, that I guarantee.

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Eve worked as a photographic model from age 18 and whilst living and working in New York also studied and trained in Feng Shui. Her first appearance on t.v. was for Laurence Llewellyn Bowen's spin off series from BBC's Changing Rooms, called Fantasy Rooms, where she featured as the Feng Shui expert.

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I am a Clairvoyant with over 30 years of professional experience and highly regarded for my work and abilities, but due to changes in the law, I am governed to state that all psychic readings should be considered to be for entertainment only and i cannot be held responsible for any decisions made by clients based on these readings.